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Alphabetical Issues: Experimental magazine about Architecture and Humanities based on interconnected-by-accident micro-reflections.

HipoTesis Alphabetical Issues are aimed at providing a short-term synergic al space, in order for its participants to not only propose with their essays but also to contribute by reading and commenting four texts from other participants. An interface is created where each one’s piece has been commented by four others; each one has commented on another four and culminates with the combined reading of twelve texts.

HipoTesis Alphabetical Issues are published periodically when there is a sufficient number of papers.

HipoTesis Alphabetical Issues ISSN online: 1989-8576

Open Access and Copyright

This is an Open Access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI (Budapest Open Access Initiative) definition of open access.

Subscription and Information

If you’re interested in receiving updates about HipoTesis platform, send an email with the text "subscription" to:

HipoTesis’ update bulletins are sent periodically with the sole purpose of informing subscribed members about relevant changes and news. The subscription’s database is not shared with any other entities or used for other purposes.

Participation proccess Phase diagram -Alphabetical Issues-

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With the excuse of encouraging transversality in the data generated by the aspiring PhDs and investigators, we admit essays up to 370 words: independent and positive reflections upon any theme are welcome in Spanish or English.

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  • Participation Template

    Style guide

    i_about [THEMATICS]
    Texts must be unpublished.

    ii_under [CHARACTER]
    Specifically not imposed, keeping in mind constant proposal and incitement of dialogue.

    iii_if [SELECTION]
    The Board of Directors reserves the right to discard or reject pieces considered irrelevant or non-related to the characteristics, layout or editorial of the magazine.

    iv_through [LAYOUT]
    Length of texts must remain under 370 words. They may include one or various images. The arrangement is free within the limits of a DIN-A5 sheet portrait-orientated [see templates].

    v_from [QUOTE REFERRAL]
    All quotes must be referred using footnotes, according to "The Chicago Manual of Style". [Umberto Eco´s book on Issuu]

    All images will be referred to using footnotes complying with "The Chicago Manual of Style" rules.

    vii_as far as [TIMESPAN]
    The Board of Directors reserves the right to modify deadlines for the submission of essays and/or comments.

    viii_between [SYNTHESIS]
    3 keywords will be extracted from each piece.

    ix_with [INTENSITY]
    The intensity of texts and/or comments is directly proportional to their thought-evoking/reminiscent capacity.

    x_towards [RECIPROCITY]
    The basic purpose of essays should rely on reciprocity in terms of flow of knowledge.

    Scientific Directories

    Directory and indexing service for scientific publications

  • Dialnet
  • Dulcinea

  • University Libraries

  • Universidad de Alicante
  • Universidad de Granada
  • Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Universidad de Sevilla

  • Repositories

    Contributors to the magazine are encouraged to upload their HipoTesis articles to their corresponding University repositories. Some of which are...

  • Universidad de Málaga
  • Universidat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

  • Records for researchers

    Participating investigators are welcome to enrol in the various research records. Here are some examples

  • S.I.C.A.2 (Sistema de Información Científica en Andalucía)
  • S.I.S.I.U.S. (Sistema de Información sobre Investigación en la Universidad de Sevilla

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  • WhoWeAre

    Although the magazine HipoTesis Alphabetical Issues is the result of the work of its participants, management, selection and production is carried out by:

    Swiffy output

    Francisco G. Triviño is a founding member and director of HipoTesis. Architect graduated from the School of Architecture in Granada (Spain) and PhD Architect from the Department of Architectural Design at the School of Architecture in Madrid. []

    Fernando Nieto is a founding member and director of HipoTesis. Architect graduated from the School of Architecture in Valladolid (Spain), Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing from the Department of Architectural Design at the School of Architecture in Madrid, and PhD Architect from the same Department. []

    Katerina Psegiannaki is a founding member and director of HipoTesis. Architect graduated from the Democritus University of Thrace (Greece) and PhD Architect from the Department of Architectural Graphic Ideation, ETSA of Madrid. []

    José Manuel López Ujaque is director of HipoTesis: Block|Buster. Architect graduated from the University of Alicante (Spain), Master of Advanced Architectural Design from the Department of Architectural Design at the School of Architecture in Madrid, and PhD Architect from the same Department. []

    Jaris Briongos is the English language reviewer at HipoTesis. Architect graduated from at ETSA of Granada (Spain).

    HipoTesis previous delegates: Ciriaco Castro, Daniel Estepa, Leandro Gallo, Efi Giannopoulou, Anthí Kosmá, Julia Livaditi, Leonor Macedo, Federica Martella, Irene Pérez.

    Authors in order of appearance:

    Francisco A. García Triviño, Fernando Nieto Fernández, Ramón Serrano Avilés, Katerina Psegiannaki, Magdalini Grigoriadou, Ancí Kosma, Pablo García Triviño, Gregorio Morenate Navio, Efpraxia Giannoupoulou, Katerina Zamzara, María Caffarena de la Fuente, Agatángelo Soler Montellano, Daniel Estepa García, María Navascués Abad, Leonor Macedo, Eider Holgado García, Thomai Pnevmonidou, Leandro Ariel Gallo, José Luis Gómez Ordóñez, Juliane Haider, José Miguel de Prada Poole, Antonio Luigi Stella Richter, Federica Martella, Martín J. Navarro González, Enrique Mercadillo Madero, Carolina Cabello Sánchez, Ciriaco Castro Diez, Antonio Cobo Arévalo, Elia Sáez Giraldez, Luz Sempere Sánchez, Atxu Amann Alcocer, Daniel Esguevillas Cuesta, Federico Soriano Peláez, Gema Palacio González, Mercedes Ruiz Estévez, Mónica García Fernández, Rafael de Lacour Jiménez, Alicia Ríos Ivars, Alejandro Tamayo Palacios, Beatriz Villanueva Cajide, Francisco Javier Casas Cobo, José Antonio de Ory Peral, José Antonio Rodríguez Casas, Enrique Barrera Martínez, Carlos Tapia Martín, Alejandro Bernabeu Larena, Manuel Jesús Estévez Vargas, Patricia Fernández García, Hipólito Acólito López, Ana María Fernando Magarzo, Tania Castellano, Eduardo Rega Calvo, Emilio López-Galiacho, Daniel Pinzón Ayala, Eduardo Mayoral González, Gonzalo Cantos Mateos, Thomas-Bernard Kenniff, Irene Pérez López, Jacobo García-Germán Vázquez, María Verónica Machado Penso, María Isabel Jiménez León, Sara Isabel Ortega Donoso, Rafael del Castillo Sánchez-Apellániz, Eduardo Serrano Muñoz, Enrique Naranjo Escudero, Kayzad Shroff, Marinella Rauso, Massimiliano Casu, José Antonio Plaza Cano, Jorge Bonito Matamoros, Silvestre Vivo Millán, Severino Alfonso Dunn, Claudio Rossi, Julia Redondo Murcia, Miguel San Millán Escribano, Maciek Grelewicz, Francisco J. Ruiz-Ruano Campaña, Adriana de Angelis, Rafael Martín de Agar Tirado, Manuel Molina Martínez, Marcos Zaragoza Cuffi, Elisavet Mandoulidou, José Antonio Flores Soto, Simona Pecoraio, Gonzalo Pardo Díaz, Federica Ottone, Enrique Nieto Fernández, Horacio Sardin, Ángel L. González Morales, Inmaculada Canales Lacruz, Josefina Flores Martínez, Dolores Martínez Ramírez, Marta Linaza Iglesias, Mónica Cerrada Macías, Soledad Córdoba Guardado, Tania Ugena Candel, Marta del Árbol Jiménez, Rubén González Corchuelo, Jorge Bonito Piñana, Juan Manuel Roque Cuéllar, Rafael Reinoso Bellido, Julián Ocampo Salazar, Virginia Arnet Callealta, Pedro Romera García, David González-Company, Victoria Celia Cura, Juan Antonio Gómez Negrillo, Julia Livaditi, José María Romero, Jordi Vernis López, Ana B. Quesada Arce, José Antonio Pineda Alfonso, Jordi Vernis López, Massimo Mazzone, Ángel L. González Morales, Esther Ferrer Román, Juan Carlos Castro Domínguez, José Aragüez Escobar, Halldóra Arnardóttir, Javier Sánchez Merina, Fabio Sedia, Elena Orte Largo, Guillermo Sevillano Bengoechea, Daniel Pinzón Ayala, Marta Domènech Rodríguez, David López López, Nicoletta Braga, Paloma Checa Gismero, Eva Morales Gómez, Lucía Sánchez Rodríguez, Julia Rico Ortega, María Acaso López-Bosch, Eduardo Roig Segovia, Manuel Gausa Navarro, Magdalena Castejón Ibáñez, Ricardo Manuel Lopes de Pinho, Arianna Saroli, Lucía Carmen Pérez Moreno, Alberto Sánchez Rojo, Javier Argota, Ioannes Busca, Rodrigo Delso, Borja Gómez, María Luisa de Miguel González, Ana Cebrián Martínez, Rosa Alonso Ramiro, Javier Seguí de la Riva, Ana Belén López Plazas, Lali Otero de Saavedra, Alberto Marrodán, César García Sáez, Andrea de Pascual Otero, Juan Pablo Macías, Beatriz Tomsic Cerkez, Carol Muñoz Clemente, Marta García Cano, Mónica Desirée Sánchez Aranegui, Noemí López González, Pablo Pérez Schröder, Patricia Raijenstein Rodríguez, Ricardo Montoro Coso, Franca Alexandra Sonntag, Luis Machuca Casares, Sol Amanda Robledo Sánchez-Guerrero, María Jaque Ovejero, José Manuel López Ujaque, Esteban Salcedo Sánchez, Ana Medina Gavilanes, Carolina Klocker, Covadonga Blasco Veganzones, Hao Chen, Jaime Llorente Sanz, Ana Martínez Matos, Natalia Matesanz Ventura, Pedro Hernández Martínez, Rodrigo Delso Gutiérrez, María Aroca Hernández-Ros, Miguel Sebastián Calero Larrea, Víctor Manuel Cano Ciborro, Andrés Carretero Mieres, Xavier Robledo Gutiérrez, Carlos Álvarez Clemente, Lucía Martín de Aguilera Mielgo, Clara Dios Díez, Mateo Fernández-Muro, Félix de la Fuente González, Pablo Villalonga Munar, Aurora Andrea González Garrán, Alberto Jonás Murias Suárez, Paula Pérez Rodríguez, Arantzazu Luzarraga Iturrioz, Álvaro Martín Fidalgo, Arantza Ozaeta Cortázar, Luis Navarro Jover, Carlos Sánchez García, Antonio Jesús Palacios Ortiz, Marta López Marcos, Víctor Miguel González Vera, Andréia Moassab, Ángela Juarranz Serrano, Arquitectura Expandida, Beatriz Amann Vargas, Blanca Esmeralda García Martínez, Carlos Álvarez Clemente, Elena Álvarez Benítez, João Luiz Borogan Cerqueira, Verónica Meléndez Valoria, Inês Salpico, José Ramón Moreno Pérez, José Enrique López-Canti, Félix de la Iglesia Salgado.

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